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I have a bit of a problem properly drawing with perspective. It's actually a huge problem. I really am upset. I think I'm upset with myself because I have no one to teach me properly and I don't know how much the internet can teach me but I suppose I will try to ask around. I guess when you make a mistake you have to live with the consequences and in this case the mistake I made was not taking art classes in high school and now that I'm making art my life I kinda screwed everything up.

Tis the Season

The beginning sketch for a comic based on the Nutcracker.

For Finished works please visit my Tumblr: Here! My Deviantart:
For more of me and not just my sketches visit my Twitter: Here!

Bunny in a Gasmask

This journal has become an art dump for me. Basically I post The best piece of the day that I drew. It's just to keep me inline of practicing. Since it is so late tonight that I am posting I am going to post something I did yesterday.

A rough sketch of a Rabbit in a Gasmask.

For Finished works please visit my Tumblr: Here! My Deviantart:
For more of me and not just my sketches visit my Twitter: Here!

Writer's Block: Comfortably numb

Where is your favorite place to relax?
LiveJournal. I'll tell you why... It is the only place I really can feel like there is no pressure from the world. You can write out anything and everything and there is no pressure.

Facebook is like a pressure tank ready to explode. People are constantly able to read what you put on there. It doesn't matter if it is music lyrics you post or who your in a relationship people are constantly spying on your life and it's really kind of creepy. Why do people care so much. It actually bothers me. No offense but I don't want the whole world to know this or that about me. And if I do post that I am in a relationship people freak out "Who is he?" "What is he like?" "Why don't you put who your in a relationship with?" Creepy.

For me, I know it is kind of annoying for people to post on their Facebook how they did this or that on Deviant art, or how they are working on some art or something. I feel like if your going to post about that make a specific Facebook for that. It's just annoying, That's probably my biggest pet peeve. That is what Twitter and category specific things are for. -_-;;

So to escape all of that odd pressure I run away to Livejournal. Like right now. For a short rant. xD

All the possibilities

Last night I went to Best buy and bought a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and have playing with it ever since. It's really neat it's just quite hard to try and use the drawing pad and to understand that you can use the pen as a mouse and that if you keep your pen too close to the active area it gets all wonky and you can't properly use your mouse. Looking back at it I realize that Aeropostale used tablets instead of mouses. So I guess it wasn't a bad thing to get it afterall.

I've been thinking that I want to get into illustration , or atleast concentrate in illustration and learn and understand everything I want to learn a lot better. I have the ability to take a course at school that is illustration but because I don't want to drop my two pys ed classes I would have to pay an extra 1000 dollars for the semester for taking 20 credits.
And that is kind of annoying.

Will wants me to do a photoshoot today but i'm kind of tired and I really don't know that I will have the energy to do it. I don't know, we will see.

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Dancing through Life

I have officially convinced mother to buy me a tablet. I was talking to one of the rather snotty people in my Flash class who actually turned out to be very nice. She suggested that I get a tablet. I told her I was not very good at drawing by hand and she told me I should get one even if it is just to play around with. So I fowarded my mother a link to the first one best buy offered and she said it looked like a good idea to have one.

I offered to her to get me the tablet now and to get a scanner around christmas and she said that both would be good to have at school. Wow. I'm excited I have never used a tablet before so it will be pretty exciting to use and play around with. I realized that a lot of what I do and create is actually considered illustrating not so much vector art. So, illustrating as a hobby and graphic design as my job. it sounds pretty good to me!

I'm also making a mini shop on gaia that is just for illustrating things. Not avatars. I'm leaving for camp on the 15th so anything I really want to do either has to be before then or after then. I have to finish one of my t-shirt designs for vampirefreaks.com before I go. It is halfway finished so I should beable to finish it soon. I don't want to be submitting it after I get back, I would rather submit it now before I leave instead of doing it afterwards and losing track of what I was working on. Plus, when I get back after camp I will only want to see my friends not spend all day cooped up in my room designing t-shirts. Which is very ironic.

I am still looking for someone to teach me different techniques and things and possibly a livejournal community for this particular idea. Wish me luck!

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Hair Bleach and creative ties

It was probably not the smartest idea to bleach my hair last night.Well, it was a smart idea but the idea of leaving it in for more than half an hour was not the smart idea. My hair is now platium blond and it is very weak. -sigh- it could also be dyed pink which will help the hair but mother wont let me.

Also I was reading recently something that is called 'How to feel miserable as an artist'. It made me laugh because everything it said was true, especially how you shouldn't show your family your work and expect them to cheer you on. I realized how much this was true. Especially after my traditional drawing classes.

It's funny because I submitted two mediocre designs in a design competition on vampire freaks for t-shirts. Both ideas were cleaver but not what they were looking for so I began picking my own brain for ideas. I came up with another mouth similar to my sweet tooth mouth but this one had fangs and was dripping blood.

In the process of getting then I realized how screwy some of my designs actually are.And I don't mean screwy as in the designs are cute screwy some of them are actually quite dark. Which doesn't surprise me, however, I'm unsure if I even want to reveal some of them because of how cute most of my designs usually tend to be.

p.s. I google searched my username and a lot of things popped up xD

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You learn something new every day

Yesterday at work I had the wonderful experience of photographing my bosses parents house. It's this old victorian mansion with several rooms that have origional fixtures and wallpaper. It's so gorgeous inside. It is very much a shame that the house is not taken care of properly, most of the origional wallpaper is peeling off and several of the rooms have been modernized, taking out most of the origional wallpaper and fixtures.I think the most unique part s of the house include the light switches which are interchanging buttons that you push in for on or off. And of course the door which I refer to as the suicide door, a door in the attic that leads to nothing except the outside of the house, when you open said door there is no landing but it is 5 stories above ground.I think it may have origionally had a fire escape, but to me the real charm is the mystery of the door.

Today however I am stuck in a classroom until 1pm and I am falling asleep. I feel badly that I am the only person in the class who understands what is going on. I've been here since 8:30 and we haven't changed lessons. The part that upsets me most is that at school it is expected that it would take us half an hour to complete. Oh well. On the brightside I learned how to move individual pieces of a whole so I now can properly make a robot dance if I so wish.

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On Wednesday I did 5 or so photoshoots of Will. He liked a good portion of the photographs. Roughly over 100 apparently. Perhaps I will quit graphic design and become a famous photographer instead.

Anyway I'm really excited about this new Livejournal mobile. It gives me something to do durring this adobe flash class. It's really not for younger students it's geared around adults who want a new skill. If you want to hear ramblings about it check my twitter @starshinesky (Of course I use the same name everywhere).

I was thinking that while people are caught up in learning things in class I would teach myself dreamweaver. I kind of told Will I would help him build a website since he is starting to hate Deviantart. Most of my coding is done by hand though so it might be a little difficult.

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